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The Lakes, rivers and streams in Clare are rich in salmon, brown trout and a wide variety of coarse fish, including pike, bream, tench and rudd, whilst the gentle waters of Galway Bay are a haven for sea angling.

Dotted with almost 40 lakes, the lakelands of East Clare have quality services and facilities for the angler whilst the unrivalled asset of Lough Derg and the Shannon waterway provide both game and coarse angling. Corofin is right at the heart of a lake-complex, which forms part of the Fergus headwaters and also offers excellent coarse and game fishing.

Ireland is one of the most popular sport fishing destinations in Europe and for good reason. The massive variety and quality of fishing has given the country an enviable reputation.

The island of Ireland stretches just 310 miles in length and 186 miles in width, but with a ratio of 1:35 (water to land), it seems everywhere you turn, there’s an ideal location to be fished.

Even the climate is kind to the angler, with temperate summers, mild winters and moderate rainfall throughout the year. And the warming influence of the North Atlantic Drift, which washes the south west coast, gives a milder climate than the geographical situation would indicate.

The result is a fabulous mix of cold and warm water fish, capable of exciting both the specialist angler and casual fisherman on a family holiday.

Deep Sea Fishing

The seas around Ireland are so prolific that they can turn up anything from a Tompot Blenny of a few grammes to a giant Tuna of over 400kg

On the south and west coasts, the warm North Atlantic Drift merges with the cooler waters of the Arctic. Sub-tropical species such as triggerfish, red mullet and gilt head bream intermingle with cold water fish, such as cod, coalfish and haddock, offering anglers a remarkable choice of catch and an exhilarating fishing experience.

Further north, in the cool Atlantic, there are cold water species, tope, pollack, thornback rays and sea bass – so you’re spoiled for choice fish-wise!

Shore angling in Ireland is a recreation of great contrasts. From springtime, bass fishing in a roaring surf in the south west is followed by mullet fishing around mid-summer in the quiet backwaters and estuaries of the south, through to cod fishing on a steep-to east coast beach in winter.

Boat fishing, either from a registered charter vessel or privately owned boat, offers great opportunities to tangle with some of the bigger fish that frequent our coastline. Tope to 25kg, Blue shark to 50kg, and Common Skate to 90kg are some of the species regularly taken.

Pike Fishing

The mighty pike is a formidable prey, which tests the skills of even the most seasoned angler!

There are countless tales of the awesome Irish pike, many of which are well founded. And it’s not unreasonable to assume that much bigger fish exist in Irish waters than have ever been caught on rod and line.

So, when the angler is afloat on a big lough or on the banks of a slow deep river, the anticipation in tangling with a big Irish pike is unparalleled in freshwater. Pike is a fish that fascinates both the specialist and amateur angler alike, because one never knows precisely when that big “double” will grab a bait or lure.

Coarse Fishing

In Ireland, coarse fishing is free almost everywhere! Great catches, friendly hostelries, good food and tall stories guaranteed

Ireland has probably the most lightly fished water in Europe, and there is no closed season enabling fishing to continue all year long. From secluded ponds to the great loughs and fast flowing rivers to tranquil canal stretches, Ireland offers a whole range of wild coarse fisheries.

Irish inland waters have retained their quality in a countryside that is still primarily agricultural. With so much space, the angler often has a water, or a large part of it, to himself. It is a common experience to find yourself in a corner of an Irish lake, with not another angler in sight.

Game Fishing

Game Fishing in Ireland is a centuries old sport enlivened by innovation but rooted in traditional practices and local folklore

The pursuit of salmon, trout and sea trout holds an almost venerated place in Irish culture and our waters continue to yield world class fishing for almost unique native wild game fish.

Fishing for salmon and trout can be experienced in many different ways, and is accessible and reasonably priced in the large number of clean and unspoilt rivers and loughs.

Local knowledge is the first requisite for success in fishing an Irish lough. Both beginners and experienced anglers are strongly advised to hire the services of a local guide for the first few days on a lough. He will know the best flies, appropriate tackle and local fishing lore. Similarly, on salmon and trout rivers, the services of a local guide will ensure that the angler gets the most out of a visit.

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